Saturday, June 5, 2010


Zebras are pretty common and easy to spot .. for us, but when they stand stationary in long grass or by brush, color-blind lions can't see them.

For the record, they're dark with white stripes and bellies. The word 'Zebra' comes from old Portuguese for Wild Ass - which is a pretty accurate description. They have rarely been domesticated because they tend to be unpredictable - like most wild animals.

This one is either the luckiest zebra in the world or the most unfortunate. We believe he was attacked by a lion who sank claws into his right flank but couldn't hold on. This wide gash could heal ok or it could get infected, in which case he'll be easy prey for another predator.

While we were watching this small herd, a troop of baboons wandered across our field of vision - neither one seemed concerned about the other.

This female looks like she's about to deliver. Gestation period is about a year for zebras and giving birth is a rather perilous time. The mother will keep her foal with her for a couple of days away from the herd but after only an hour or so, the baby will be able to run fast enough to keep up with the adults.

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